God's Design

To Save Mankind

Uncover the poetic comparison between sports playbooks and God’s playbook in ‘God’s Design to Save Mankind’ through an undeniably thought-provoking exploration.

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about the book

Sports playbooks are designed to get teams ready for their next opponent. Players that execute these plays to a high level are winning teams! Some very elite players are considered to be the greatest of all time.

To save mankind, God designed a playbook too! This playbook would require perfect execution because the fate of humanity was at stake. Jesus executed God’s playbook to perfection.

Written in a poetic format, God’s Design to Save Mankind compares and contrasts the sports playbooks with God’s playbook, and the reader will now know the undeniable and undisputed Greatest of All Time!

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what's inside


Designed to win the game.
Designed to win the game of life.


Touchdowns, Homeruns, Slam Dunks
Healing the Sick, Walking on Water, Feeding 5000

Bodies In Motion

Pushed to the limit for their teams.
One human sacrifice for all mankind.


Leaving it all on the field.
Dying on the cross.

The Fans

Cheering, Applause, Screaming and Shouting
Universal Praise and Worship for eternity

Hall of Fame

Containing the names of the greatest to play the game.
No building in the universe can contain His Name.

The Garden Words
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In this 28-page journey, readers will embark on a captivating exploration of the parallels between sports playbooks and God’s divine plan for humanity. With a blend of passion for athletics and spiritual insight, author Roy Sellers intricately weaves together the strategies of winning teams with the ultimate playbook designed by God himself. Through poetic prose and thoughtful analysis, readers will discover the undeniable greatness of Jesus Christ as the ultimate MVP in the game of salvation. Prepare to be inspired as you delve into this unique perspective on sports and spirituality, sure to leave a lasting impact on your heart and mind.

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Author's Bio

Roy Sellers, the author of this intriguing book, brings a unique blend of passions and experiences to his writing. With a lifelong love for sports that dates back to his grade school days, his dreams of becoming a sports cameraman reveals his dedication to the world of athletics. Beyond the sports arena, Roy’s spiritual side shines through as he enjoys reading his Bible and has shared his knowledge by teaching Sunday School for many years.

Discovering a talent for poetry, Roy found an engaging way to convey his thoughts and ideas. In his book, he takes a fun and fast-paced approach, drawing parallels between sports playbooks and the divine plan laid out by God for his son Jesus Christ. Through his work, he aims to shed light on the Greatest of All Time. It’s a captivating blend of sports and spirituality that promises an enjoyable read for those who pick up his book.

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